October 29, 2021

MJ015: the Halloween Special

Ah! The Halloween Special. As holidays go, I like Halloween! The ghost, the ghouls, the spooky stories…love it. And who doesn’t like dressing up as different characters? https://www.mixcloud.com/soulcruzer/mj015-the-halloween-special-20211028-185033/ a spooktacular episode Here’s the playlist from MJ015 Bloodletting – Concrete BlondeLiving Dead Girl – Rob ZombieTime Warp – The Rocky Horror ShowLil’ Red Riding Hood -…

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October 22, 2021

MJ014 the mad ones

Last night, I returned to my radio presenter roots in terms of the style of the show. I think I’ll hang out in that space going forward. I’ll keep the chat lively, but in the chatbox, not on the stream. https://www.mixcloud.com/soulcruzer/mj014-the-mad-ones-20211021-190152/ The Musical Journey Show #14 Here’s the playlist from last night I Melt with…

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May 8, 2021

try all you want #22

What do you do when your co-host has the hump? Nothing you can do in those circumstances, but soldier on! In this episode, Clay introduces his intermittently crabby co-host to ‘geocache’ which Daniel clearly has trouble grasping, before the duo get into it over the American’s longstanding aversion to email. Clay struggles with a slow…

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June 26, 2016

Telling the truth is a revolutionary act

A small gathering of people braved the rain to huddle around George Orwell’s grave in Sutton Courtenay to discuss current affairs of state, government and society. The big topic this year was Brexit and the aftermath of the general referendum. Tracklist 1984 – David Bowie Spies – Coldplay Talk Shows on Mute – Incubus Citizen…

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