Playing with the imagination for personal growth

Fired off episode 3 of the new podcast series I’ve been working on with Naomi. We’re beginning to find our natural cadence and rhythm as co-hosts. The podcast too is beginning to morph into what I believe it’s destined to be, which is ostensibly The Journey:

The Wisdom Experience Podcast is the place where the quest for myths and meaning meet. Each of us is on a journey to discover who we truly are. We use stories and myths to help guide us on the journey. Our personal myths and stories fuel our behaviors, test our limitations and deepen our connections with others.

Working on the podcast has also reawakened in me the desire to pursue work in the transpersonal and transformational space, as a practitioner and journeyman.

Anyway, here’s the episode. Please let me know what you think. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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