Man, myth, and magic

I spent most of today researching the idea of the mythic imagination. It’s the topic of our podcast on Wednesday. It’s an area that has long fascinated me. As a boy, I grew up reading heroic fantasy novels, comics, and history. I loved epic stories of good versus evil, the lone solemn warrior, the protector, and the fair maiden, and the wise old man, and the savior of the free world.

Although I must say, I always fancied being the companion to the champion, especially the wise old man figure in the form of the wizard. Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings is a perfect example. My favorite scene in the LOR movie was the scene where Gandalf goes to the library to research the Ring – drinking coffee, smoking his pipe, and reading ancient scrolls!

I’m looking forward to taking a deep dive in mythic imagination with Naomi.

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