Help! My brain is about to explode.

Sometimes I get myself so excited about things that my brain freezes up like a 286 computer trying to run a Windows 10. I’m too hyped to meditate, so the next best thing is to take a long walk or a cold shower. Because of time restraints, I opted for the cold shower. That at least cleared enough space for me to sit down and write this blog post.

Last night, I had the pleasure of doing another pop-up radio session. This time with Mister Networker, Gary Jones of @LeamingtonHour. I was also one of the interviewees. I’m usually the one doing the interviews! You’ll be able to listen to it on Wednesday.

Oh and the lovely Taylor-Louise Thomas was on-hand to provide the music for the evening.

And lastly, here’s another drawing I made for you:


You can buy the sticker or postcard here.


  1. Dave Anderson August 2, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Hi Clay,

    I’ve been a follower of you on twitter for a little while after stumbling across Warwickshire Radio and listening to your show. So I managed to take some time out this morning, grab a coffee, and look up your website.

    I see myself as a simple, unassuming person who, like so may others I meet, seeks to make a fulfilling balanced life. So I particularly liked your last blog on frustration. I have many thoughts swirling around my head most of the time – the pressures of work, home, family, money & health for me are in constant conflict. I find myself striving to get clarity on a sense of purpose. The mid-life metronome in my head is a constant!

    Your reflective approach to things is incredibly helpful so please keep up this fantastic work. In the meantime I will keep striving to get the fulfilment I seek.

    All the best

    Dave @langgris

    1. Clay August 2, 2016 at 3:31 pm

      Hi Dave,

      Many thanks for the comment. The elusive life purpose has been a constant albatross around my neck for years. Sometimes I believe there is one, other times I believe there’s no such thing and that the constant striving to find one is what leads to frustration. As you can probable tell, you’ve caught me at time when the pendulum has definitely swung in the direction of no life purpose.

      Let clarify though, by life purpose, I’m taking that to mean an over arching grand design that the universe has in store for each individual. Because of course, you can totally chunk life purpose down to the more practical like paying the bills and feeding the family. But, if you’re like me, purpose in that sense feels mundane and uninspiring.

      Or how about Agent Smith’s take on purpose:

      “We’re not here because we are free. We’re here because we are not free. There is no escaping reason. No denying purpose. Because we both know without purpose, we would not exist.”

      Ok my friend, I’ve gotta rock, but let’s keep this dialogue open because, in spite of myself, this is one of my favourite topics.



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