Feeling the pump of Rad Wings of Destiny

“When Ugly Kid Joe sold their souls to the devil in the pursuit of rock ‘n’ roll they drove a harder bargain than Robert Johnson at the Crossroads. Not only did they trade their souls for over thirty years of globetrotting and metal extravagance. They also haggled to keep their playing abilities, they bartered to keep their looks – we get older, gain weight and lose hair, yet they look like they’ve just walked off “that” song’s beach video set from 1992!”

(Black, 2022)

I was pumping iron the other day and wanted something different to listen to. I’d been overdosing on Creed’s second album, Human Clay.

In my search, I stumbled upon Ugly Kid Joe‘s latest album, Rad Wings of Destiny. I haven’t really listened to Ugly Kid Joe since their 1992 hit, ‘Everything About You‘.

I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the tracks have just the right heaviness to channel into my muscles and give me that extra boost to get one more rep in!

I did skip over the slower songs, promising to give them a proper listen after my workout. On reflection, I think the album is really good fun. They stick to what they’re known for, which is one-hit wonders, weird covers, and good old AC/DC-style rock.

My favourite tracks:

  1. That Ain’t Livin’
  2. Dead Friends Play
  3. Lola

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