Addicted to the infinite scroll

0:514 quickly turned into 08:45. Time does fly when you’re self-absorbed…in reading and thinking, that is.

A couple of hungry cats reminded me I was still among the living and that had duties to perform like feed them. I couldn’t even be bothered to feed myself despite the low rumble of my body begging for food. Lucky for me Timmy and Cosmo are persistent.

I held out long enough to be hungry for pancakes.

My copy of Vasko Popa’s Complete Poems arrived today. I have more books in this house than I can possibly read, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping Amazon in business.

It’s easy for the day to slip by. My planned countryside ramble was aborted due to heavy rain and hailstones, which is just as well because I really wanted to continue reading The Allegory of a Poet’s Life.

I spent the afternoon doing exaxtly that, reading. I took a couple of breaks to finish watching the rest of The Tick, which I said I was going to do last night but didn’t.

Because well…

…I’m  addicted to the I finite scroll. I fell victim to it last night and have spent a good deal of this evening infinitely scrolling the Internet.

I did manage to get out for a quick walk around the neighbourhood with three questions on my mind:

1. Is what I’m doing now truly living? (Yes I know I’m alive but am I living…)

2. What’s a Life for?

3. What’s my life for?

The answer to the first questions is I’m not sure. I do have a pretty rinse and repeat lifestyle, which I can run mostly on autopilot.

I’ll have to side with The Red Queen for the answer to question two. We are pretty much slaves to our genes. Procreate to populate, keep the species alive, our prime directive. Everything else is a distraction until the next opportunity to copulate comes along.

And number three I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Completely on the other side of reality…

…I learned how to play Gin Rummy today.

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