another season

As a child I never saw a vision of what I wanted to be,
or if I did it was a fleeting glimpse. The poets told me

what I could be, my teachers told me what I should be,
now I only know what I don’t want to be. I don’t want

to be that passionless person in a cubicle or that
over-achiever in the corner office with all the toys,

but no soul, shallow to the core. I don’t want to be
the has-been who’s life ended years ago and now

they sit around telling the same old stories from their
glory days while they wait patiently to die. I saw

Old Man Time standing in a field. He showed me a vision
of who I am. It’s not who I wanted to be though. Is it too late

to cancel the show? Or can I rewrite the script
and try for another season?


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