It was never a question of black and white

My upper body (chest and triceps) are aching. I finally made it back to gym on Thursday after a few weeks of no weights. I’m back in the iron game.

Yesterday I was back at WH. Very productive day as ploughed through all of last year’s training, which gave me a good insight into leadership development journey the leaders of the business have been through. I’m really excited about working with them over the coming months.

I haven’t done much outside of working these past couple of days. It was good to see Sarah on Thursday as usual to record the next episode of the podcast. This week we got into a conversion about how following your passion is bad advice or at least according to the author of the article we read. I think if you just hang at the level of the platitude – pursue your passion or find your purpose and you’ll have a wonderful fulfilled life – is detrimental in most cases because it heightens a sense of lack and inadequacy which leads to unhappiness, anxiety, and depression. There’s more to the story, than just the lead!

I’ve continued binge watching Marvel’s Iron Fist. I’m a bit miffed that the writers of the Marvel Netflix universe have made all the main heros annoyingly shallow. They all have this character arc of naive, headstrong, overconfident, and blinded by a high minded crusade born out of some tragic event in their earlier childhood that resulted in the loss of their parents. Their sense of social justice seems only to fall into black or white, they seem incapable of comprehending the grey areas of life. I’ve ended up hating all of the main heroes by the end of the season – Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and DC’s Arrow.

Of course this probably hits a nerve because I believe all life is grey, there is never a black or white answer to anything. I don’t believe in a universal truth. Right and wrong have many shades. And I may be cynical to side with Machiavelli in believing ‘might makes right,’ but it has been my experience that that is mostly the case.

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