when ships were made of wood, men were made of steel

Spent half the day working on The Academy project. Steve is in Barcelona attending the Atlassian Summit. I crafted some of his documenting into a podcast and created a landing page for the Teamify project to capture interested party’s details. I had an earlier marketing meeting with Louise

The second half of the day I spent reading The Mentoring Manual by Julie Starr. Julie and I used to work together back when I first came over to England. She runs a company called Starr Consulting. She’s quite a free-spirited person. We share similar passions for learning and development, literature and travel. Anyway, I started reading her book for some background on another project on working which is setting up an in-house mentoring programme for a local company.

Just before dinner I had to take a quick nap. I had one of those dull headaches that sits just behind my right eye. Incidentally, I’m also having problems with eyes so I’m guessing the two might be related.

On a lighter note, I watched episode 4 Eight Diagram Dragon Palm of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix. When I was about 8 or 9 I was really into the Power Man and Iron Fist comic. I was a big fan of Iron Fist because back then I had this fantasy love of kung fu. I used to love watching Kung Fu Theatre every Saturday afternoon and the going outside to play Kung Fu with my friends. So yeah, Danny Rand as Iron Fist fit right into that.

On a whim, I bought The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook on the Kindle. I’ve been meaning to shake up my training routine and this looks like it has some good ideas in it. I read the first chapter – The Supplement Mindset – which is a rant against the supplement industry. Kind of reminded of the quite Ant was found of saying in Chanel 4’s Mutiny doc: “They say when ships were made of wood, men were made of steel.” Essential Brooks Kubik is making the point that men like Reg Park, Steve Stanko, John Grimek, and Bob Peoples, gained their mass and strength using the humble barbell and dumbbells without the use of supplements, but companies make more money selling supplements because you have to buy them every 2-4 weeks whereas once you’ve bought a basic home gym setup, it an potentially last you for life. Anyway, that first chapter was enough to persuade me to buy the book.

IMG_3145You can tell Ruth is away for more than a day. Everywhere I go in the house is a note instructing me on how to keep all the living things in the house alive while she’s away (and believe it or not there used to be even more notes when the kids where still home – I needed instructions on how to keep them alive too.


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