Sometimes we get lost

Getting into the world of work in a career you want is a hard slog. We churn kids out of education as if it was still the days of the industrial revolution where they graduated and then went to take their place next to their parents in the factory. Now they step out into a torrential current with no life jacket hoping someone will lend them a helping hand to at least get on them on the bottom rung of the ladder. The trouble is, we release hundreds of thousands of these kids into the workforce at the same time all across the country. It’s like the Hunger Games. Those that have the will and the strength win. Those who don’t, fall behind and their souls die a little every day.

What i can’t understand about American politics right now is why are supposedly smart folks like Steven Calabresi doing everything they can to twist the law to justify the president’s misdeeds? Like why would you twist the 6th Amendment and try and apply it to impeachment proceedings which are a whole other animal. Why are they grasping at straws?

Hey, look, I am not a political dude. Politics is a dirty business, I get that. But there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. And if you do cross them, do the honourable thing and resign, don’t make a mockery of our constitutional government.

And here I am, getting all political again. Sorry about that.

All of the members of the original Alice Cooper band were on the same cross country team in high school.

Dolphins give themselves individual names.

I’m sitting here floating on this rock. There are a lot of people out there floating on this rock. Mostly we bumped into each other politely and no more is said. Occasionally we collide into each other hard enough to leave an imprint that scorches each other’s soul. The flame consumes us until it burns out and we are left to ashes hoping like the phoenix to rise again. Rise again you say. But some times I don’t feel like rising again. I want to lay down in the ashes until my body grows cold. And then something happens. A light. A spark. A flame. And out of the flame, I rise again.

In 1938 L.A. Kindergarten teacher Helen Hulick went to jail for wearing pants in a courtroom. When I read shit like that, it reminds me of just how ignorant we can be. She was 28 and was meant to be in court to testify against a couple of dudes. The judge ordered her to leave and come back to court in a dress. She refused. So the judge threw her in jail. Crazy isn’t it?! Goes to show you what it means to have no power and that no matter how rational we think we are, we’re nothing more than a bunch of smart apes!

But we are making process though, and for that, I am grateful.

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