even with a map you can still get lost

My book, even with a map you can still get lost, is nearing it’s final stages before it sees print.  The book is basically a collection of short reflective essays designed to be read whenever you have a spare moment and are looking for a quick hit on the inspiration pipe.

I need some help to finish the book.  I am looking for readers and reviewers to read the book and provide feedback on any typos, misspellings, etc.  And if you like the book, to provide a 2-3 sentence blurp that I can potentially use for the back cover and inside page.

If you’d like a copy to review, send me an email.  Please, only request a copy if you know you have some spare time to read it and provide feedback.



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rawdawgbuffalo May 23, 2008

i want one and i will write a review

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