the angry man and the chair

I had another crazy dream last night.  Maybe some of you who know about dreams can tell what it might mean.

In my dream I was checking into a hotel with a large group of people.  The hotel folks for some reason didn’t have me listed on the manifest. I ensured them I was meant to be there.  They checked their paperwork again and decided they had made a mistake and mixed my paperwork up with a lady named Sarah.  They booked me into my room.

As I was unpacking and getting settled in my room, there was a loud disturbance in the hallway.  A angry man was shouting.  I looked through my peep hole.  What I saw was 3 or 4 security men trying to subdue the angry man.  Things got violent.  I backed away from the door to continue unpacking.  Suddenly there was a loud crash against my door.  The angry man was trying to break my door down.

I heard the security men yell for me not to open the door.

I was scared.

I weighed up my options.

If the angry broke the door down he might to take me hostage or hurt me.  I thought about locking myself in the bathroom, but decided that if the angry man broke down the room door, he would probably break down the bathroom door as well and still get me.

I thought about jumping out the window and escaping.  Then I thought about hiding under the bed. I didn’t like either of those options.  My final option and the one I decided to go with was to arm myself with the chair from the desk.  My plan was to smash the guy in the head with chair if he broke through the door.

The angry man smashed into the door again so hard that noise woke me up from my dream.

I checked the clock, it was 3.30 am.

I’d love to know what some of you think the dream might mean.

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