April 2008

April 25, 2008


I am all men and no man floating through space and time looking to connect with those Who want to connect, to know another human being in this soul sucking society we call...

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April 17, 2008

my top 10 movies

[youtube]D0QKbnCDW94[/youtube] I am going on Robert McKee’s 3 day intensive Story seminar this weekend. I want to use the seminar as the jumping off point for launching my serious pursuit of learning and...

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April 15, 2008

values in view

This year I have been doing a lot of work with leaders on leadership. One of the core principles of leadership is around values and creating shared values with the teams you lead....

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April 12, 2008

a week in review

I’ve been away delivering a week-long training course. I wasn’t able to sort my mobile broadband connection partly due to laziness and partly due to the flawed procedures 3 Network has in place....

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April 5, 2008

wanted: wealthy patron

I found myself getting annoyed this morning, mainly at myself.  It took a few minutes to figure out why.  I think it’s because i feel like DOING something i.e. I want to be...

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