On the Road / reflection · January 6, 2008 3

return to the temple

I like to climb a mountain at the start of the year.  Yesterday, my friend Will and I climbed Mount Snowdon in North Wales. It is a mountain that I am intimately familiar with.
Snowdon is my temple and I go there to contemplate life, love, and the universe.  It was a perfect day to climb a mountain.  The weather was dry.  The sun was out.  The wind was cold and the mountain was covered with a light flooring of snow.

We talked about a great many things and the mountain, as high priest, listened with great patience to our confessions, our fears, our worries, and our dreams.  When we reached the top, the mountain baptized us with fierce wind and snow.  I felt my sins absolved.  And then the mountain sent us on our way with its blessings.

I am now ready to embrace the continuing adventure of life in 2008.


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