An unexpected road trip

I like a good road trip, especially when I haven’t been more than 10 miles from my house in too many days.


So when the boy sent me an IM at 9:30 last night asking me to come rescue his tortoise, I eagerly accepted the mission. Ok, the tortoise didn’t really need rescuing. It was more that the boy decided he would sneak a pet tortoise into his pet-free student accommodation. He figured, since he only has another 3 months of uni left, he could get away with hiding his tortoise from his landlord.

Well, the game didn’t quite pan out the way he expected. He got busted because his tortoise busted out of it’s cage and was roaming around the apartment free when the landlord turned up unannounced while the boy wasn’t home. Naughty landlord (he’s suppose to give 48 hours notice before turning up to the flat). Naughty boy (he should have had a more secure cage).

It looks like we are tortoise sitting until June.  Anyway, I got to see the boy, so it was a good trip.


I was meant to go see the Led Zeppelin tribute band,  Whole Lotta Led tonight, but my buddy bailed on me. Normally I would have carried on and gone anyway, but I made the mistake of stuffing my belly full of chicken fried rice and Kung Po chicken. I’m stuffed and like a lion after eating a gazelle, I just want to lounge in my Lazyboy recliner and do nothing, except of course editing pictures and writing this blog post.

Is this what life has become as an old man? Sitting in on a Saturday night hanging out on my computer? Oh where is my Dylan Thomas poem?

I dusted off my Canon G16 to document my trip down to Cheltenham and to do a little street photography while I was there.

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Peace, my friends,



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