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There’s a symposium tomorrow at the local Catholic college and the question on the table is: “Are morals a thing of the past?”

I can guess what the Catholic school is going to say, what’s your view?


  1. Shinade January 8, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    I honestly don’t know what my view is. Sometimes I think yes they are. But, I know I try to live a decent and ethical life and so do my children. So I refuse to give up hope. The pendulum always swings.

    Please Clayton kow that I suffered through some struggles over the last two months both in our family with a death and also my blog was claimed by another at MBL…so I lost you as a contact. I retained all of my members but lost my communities and my contacts. I am limited to joining 15 a day at MBL. So slowly but surely I am making my way back.

    And, it is certainly good to be back here visiting.

    Happy New year,

  2. jase January 10, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Hi Clay – Happy new year! time for re view..a new vantage point in ones life

    Now, youve really got me going with this question Clay , morals..things of the past…morals have been on my mind a lot recently so thanks for bringing it up and providing an opportunity to raise my thoughts. As Shinade says im not sure what i think about this, but my thoughts are that it has importance to me because of the catholic culture that i grew up in. Im glad of that because i often think am i morally doing the right persuing competitve lifestyle options rather than investing more time in the local community or something ‘less selfish’. You know i was just thinking about how muc h time i was spending analysisng whether i am investing in the right pension plans ect then a close family friend announces they have temrinal cancer at 40. I then start asking loads of questions of myself and with my wife – is it morally right to spedn so much time in the competitve workforce doing a job i pretty much think i love to provide fulfillment to me and a structure to my fmaily life – then i think when things like this happen – what am i doing spending 10 hours a day away from my kids for some form of personal fulfillment and financial gain -now my wife is tlaking about moving to a bigger house! crikey she just thinking to provide the best for us and the kids..’the garden is not big enough’ she says..and i often say too any how – are morals a thing of the past? i dont think so..they keep our feet on the ground, my wife didnt grow up in a religeous culture and also thinks morals are important – the debate goes on! about moving house that is

    Im pretty sure morals were born out of some form of religeous setting in the past . A western construct that provides structure (and control) in western societty. Im beginning to feel that morals are placed further down the agenda in society though as the liberalsied media plays an ever increasing role in the 24*7 society. Ive loosened my thinking from any catholic doctrine that there may have been , but still feel morals are central to our thinking in everythign we do. I stuidied ethics at university though, so that might be why and was taught by an ecclesiastical lecturer!

    However im hoping our kids , when they debate in the online chat rooms, connect with their mates (in much bigger volumes than we ever connected with our friends in my generation) through the likes of textings…..i hope they still come back to the centre of moral debate, that is…is it right or wrong to….. i would be interested to know what the people of the east think about morals, where they are less inclined to think in opposites, dualism.. black or white, right or wrong – i would suggest they think morals are relevant and is just part of the way of being and leading a good life.

  3. Clay Lowe January 12, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    jase and shinade, thanks for the comments.


  4. John Rose February 7, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Much depends I think on the moral agenda of the individual or organization. From my perspective, I find there are Universal morals that we would do well to respect. These may not be what make us feel good in the moment, but may in fact be what preserve the integrity and wellbeing of our species. Look over the course of civilization and see which morals have stuck and which have fallen by the wayside.

    Look at the whole picture and not just a personal, and maybe selfish perspective. It could be we have abandoned some priceless gems of wisdom because we lacked the maturity and fortitude to explore their merits deeply enough to reap their rewards. This is a complex issue that cannot be solved in a few sentences, but what we can do is develop our intuition, learn to be self observant. Truly think for ourselves. It is easy to let the experts think for us what is right action, but who is to say whether they are right or not, regardless of who they are, religious leader, Behaviorist, Atheist, whoever. This is tricky territory, and it is important to really think this through. There may be more at stake than is immediately apparent.

    A good example of morals gone awry may be observed in the crisis in the Middle East. We may do well to mind our own business and not meddle in the moral issues of others before understanding their perspectives. If we as a civilization could observe the common ground we share with one another rather than fighting over our differences, we may be better off. I am not suggesting wishy washy political correctness. No one can rise to maturity that way. Maybe a form of tough love would be better. Accept that others may be different, but don’t be afraid to call them if there methods seem detrimental. At the same time don’t be afraid of receiving criticism for your own actions. This may be a better practice among our own kind, in our own culture.

    We have to be mentors for our children as well. It may be that not every action or life choice is in our best interest. We have to have the backbone to stand up for a true morality, but not just because some authority tells us to. We have to do it from a clearly thought out and understood perspective, and we better know what we are doing as our very lives may depend on our choices.

    I have personally opened myself up to criticism by many so called open minded individuals regarding my stance on morality, but I stand my ground as an individual who has put his life on the line for his actions. I have thought this through and tried to see the issues whatever they may be beyond a personal agenda. At least in the relative world, there are fundamental moral principles to adhere to. I follow no church even though my moral views would be considered very conservative by most. Life experience has been my teacher and my church in many ways.

    I will close by saying that while an open mind is necessary for discovery and learning, a too open mind like an open wound is open for infection.


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