Charles Olson

September 20, 2017

Staring into the void and getting nothing back

This is what we’re up against fellow blogging revolutionaries: This has to stop! We have to resort to guerrilla tactics and use the big boy’s strength against them! Bloggers unite. What if you looked inside and found nothing there? What then? That’s what I feel sometimes when I’m staring into...

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September 16, 2017

Our choices are half chance

I looked on my Goodreads app.  I have 54 books in currently-reading status! My reading goal this year is 100 books.  I’m on 19. I read according to mood or what I want to explore on any given day.  Currently I’m bouncing between the Olson biography and his Selected Poems...

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September 11, 2017

I had to find her the old fashioned way

5A.M Thoughts – We are all afraid to act like ourselves. I read that from a passage in Allen Ginsberg’s journal. That is so true.  Walk into a room full of people and if you’re like me, you probably size up the room before deciding how you want to show...

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