Gotta let go of some things if you want to be free

It must be Spring.

I’ve gone and given the blog a new paint job, which I’m prone to do from time to time. I spent a good chunk of time today consolidating my thinking – that and setting up my new GoPro Hero 9. I was hoping to use it as both my webcam and my primary vlogging camera. It’s probably a little overkill for a webcam, but hey, the amount of time I spend on Zoom, I might as well look good, right?

I ran into a bit of snag setting Hero 9 up as a webcam. I downloaded the latest firmware from GoPro. I have updated Zoom app, and updated GoPro Webcam app, but no joy. My computer recognises the camera, but none of the apps recognise it. I gave up in the end. Live to try another day.

Stretched the old legs out today.

Coffee Contemplation

My coffee contemplation for today had to do with reflecting on the things that hold us captive, not in the physical sense, but the prisons we construct for our minds.

I talk about it some on Soulcruzer on the Radio my latest audio project. I intend to do more audio livestreams in the coming weeks.

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