A funny thing happened on the way to Madrid…

During my 30-day blogging challenge, I want to use a variety of mediums to story tell. Here’s a short video of my journey to Madrid yesterday. All the footage was shot on the GoPro Hero 7 and edited on an iPad Pro using the KineMaster app.

Video editing on a tablet or phone has come a long way. The pro apps like KineMaster and LumaFusion pack a lot of power, and unless you’re shooting a feature film, a full-blown documentary, or if you need something particularly fancy, you don’t need a desktop or laptop to make a good video.

I like KineMaster because it’s pretty intuitive and has an extensive Fx library (on the subscription plan). LumaFusion is more powerful but has a steeper learning curve. If you don’t like subscription models, you can buy LumaFusion outright.

If you’re a mobile warrior like me, this is great news. No more bulky equipment to lug around.

I’ve taken to using the GoPro Hero 7 as my main vlogging camera. I like it because it’s small, waterproof, and rugged. I can throw it in my bag or shove it in my pocket. I can capture video in 4K. And when I’m ready to edit, I can connect my iPhone to the camera using the GoPro’s built-in Wifi. The only thing I’m not sure about is the sound. Sometimes the recorded sound sounds clear, other times it’s a bit muffled. While I can play around with the audio in post-production, I’d prefer not to have to add another step in my workflow for a simple vlogging video.

There is a 3rd party case that you can buy that allows you to mount an external mount to the GoPro. But for me, it starts to lose the thing I like most about the camera, which is how compact it is. I don’t really want to pfaff around with cases and mics, plus it becomes more conspicuous.

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  1. @langgris November 5, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    And I never knew you had a YouTube channel…but there again I should have!


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