happy father’s day to all you fathers out there

I am awakened by the howling of my neighbor’s cat beneath my window.  I had intended to have a lie-in seeing how it is Sunday morning.  I don’t usually lie-in.  Perhaps my neighbor’s cat realizes this and is trying to keep me from regretting not getting up early.  I stumble out of the bed.  I might as well not let the cat wake everybody else up.  I walk down the stairs wiping away the sleep.  I am distracted by the dream I was just having.  It is the second one featuring my neighbor, Baz and his wife Katherine.  This time Baz is on his Blackberry yelling at his son because he is about to make us all late for the 15 mile Walk for Life charity event in which Ruth and I are walking.  Baz, Katherine and Daniel are meant to be our cheering section.  Perhaps it’s poetic justice that it is their cat who has awakened me from my slumber.

I stumble out into the back garden and make a few noises in the hopes of stopping the cat from howling.  It doesn’t work.  I go back in and walk zombie-like to the back room for a good old Austin Powers pee.  It is only after I come crashing out of the downstairs bathroom that is on suite to the back room, that I suddenly become aware of the fact that my mother-in-law is sleeping there.  I forgot that she is visiting us for a couple of days.  I slip out of the room, embarrassed, hoping that she hasn’t heard me.

Now that I am up, I head straight for the kettle to get my morning cup brewing.  I am trying to decide if I should use the quiet time to write, read, or upload files to my publisher.  As usual when I am undecided on what to do, I check my email and FaceBook for any messages.  There are a few comments about the photo I posted of Ruth and I on our way to Sean and Kath’s costume party.  And there are a couple of more request to be friends.  My mind now settled, I decide to read.  I am re-reading John Updike’s Rabbit, Run.  I am in the mood for some serious literary fiction and you can’t go wrong with John Updike.

It is not long before Brittany is awake.  She comes and watches me read.  It is Father’s Day and she has made a cool card for me.  On the front cover is a book about philosophy next to a pint of beer.  I chuckle because I am amazed how perceptive she is of my habits.  She has me sussed alright.  My son is as cheeky as his father.  The front cover of his card to me reads: ‘cool, talented, funny, clever, brilliant…’ on the inside it reads: ‘enough about me… happy father’s day.’

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