Musings · February 5, 2007 4

consumer units


(Picture: Birmingham, New Street)

We live in a consumer society and it runs on a simple principle – our lives will be better if we buy this car, own this home, eat this food, use that mobile phone, drink this beer, or wear this brand of clothes.  We have allowed ourselves to buy into the illusion that if we own these possessions, we will feel better about ourselves.  We buy more possessions and our possessions need possesions, so we have to man the till to feed our possessions.  “Aspiring to this world”, says Jim Baggot, “keeps us in wage slavery, functioning as perfect consumer units, to the point where it is no longer necessary to feed us the illusion:  we are the illusion.  In the 21st century, the dream has become the reality.”

Ask yourself this, what would happen if you were to wake from this dream?


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