the revolution begins the revolution begins

rain is pouring down my cheek
searching for the sea
tomorrow like the rain
i’ll be back home again – alice cooper

yes, it is raining today. not a bad thing, except if you were wanting to lie around on the beach, which i am not, so it is good. i like walking in the rain. as long as the temperature is mild, i find a stroll in a heavy rain shower to be soul cleasing.

i was suppose to be climbing Snowdon with pete today, but his tooth fell apart and he needs t go to the dentist this morning to get it fixed. he has a big meeting tomorrow and wants to look his best, which, if he were going for some extreme sport client, a missing tooth might have been ideal…shows commitment to the sport.

but all things are happen for a reason…

i have a busy schedule coming up in the next two weeks, so in actuality, today is probably a good day for me to have to myself.

yesterday i did to much small mind thinking and started seeing the cracks in the wall, or rather the pettiness of being…well today it is back to big mind thinking…expanding my consciousness and all of that…

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