Blog · April 24, 2017 0

Going back to uni

I took the boy back to uni yesterday. In fact, both kids went back to uni. Brit to study for her finals of her first year and Devon to finish his final module and prepare for his last show before graduation.

I remember when graduation day was approaching for me. We were super excited. We had spent the prior 4 years virtually living in a kind of benign prison full of rules and regulations and discipline. And with anticipation of our last day behind the wall, we could barely contain our excitement. We would finally get to be free.

Where we sacrificed the party atmosphere and freedom of a regular university, we gained a sense of purpose and walked straight into the job we had been preparring for four years. No job hunt for us. No uncertainty about finding employment. Not like our counterparts at civvie street university. They had to write resumes and go on job interviews and fight to get a job most likely not related to their degrees.

I wonder what life will be like for both our kids. They have all of the lifecycle ruth and I have travelled to come. Making a life.

How do you make a life that’s fulfilling? I can’t help but think that that is the question that led me astray. Perhaps it would have been better to ask different set questions, less philosophical and more practical.

I got trapped inside my own head.

I decided yesterday that I really do need to add aerobic excessive to my fitness routine. But I certainly don’t feel like running. It just seems to destroy my knees and if I’m not cafeful, my Achilles tendon. I decided I’d give cycling a go again. In Germany, for a time, I had become an avid cyclist/mountain biker (which is what I really liked). And a few years ago I bought a new mountain bike after I finished a long gruelling contract at Homeserve, with the intention to ride a lot, but somehow never did.

And now I want to return to the saddle to get my aerobic conditioning. 

I only road for 2.3 miles yesterday, but it seemed to take a good whack out of me. The good thing about being bone tired at night when I go to bed is that I sleep very solid and sound. So much so that I end up waking up at 3:30 am fully rested. Of course, I then have to fight to get back to sleep least I throw off my whole sleep patterns for the day.