bookstores and libraries

Bookstores and libraries are always my favourite sources for inspiration. I walked away from Waterstones today with some exciting titles: Winning, by Jack Welch, Truth, by Simon Blackburn, Man and his Symbols, by Carl Jung, and SynchroDestiny, by Deepak Chopra. I’m giddy with anticipation of delving into the knowledge and ideas they contain.

Two reflective thoughts I picked up while browsing: one, from a lady author whom I can’t remember, but the book is Consciousness. I read her acknowledgement page in which she expressed the pure joy she found in the two years it took to write the book. She said she enjoyed being by herself reading, thinking, and writing. That clue was later joined up with a thought from another Blackburn title called, Think. From those two sources I received the message that I don’t think deeply enough.

So my challenge is to allow myself to think deeply and then to allow myself to express my thoughts clearly and poetically.

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