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the right practice

I’ve been thinking about what form my practice should take. I like the principles and beliefs behind Aikido yet I believe I would struggle to find a dojo that was more inclines towards teaching the spirituality of the art followed by the physical manifestation of it. The likelihood is that I would mainly probably find dojos in the reverse.

I mentioned to Pete that his Way is possibly the badminton court. This seemed to resonate with him. I reasoned that the practice had to have a physical opponent, someone to act as a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses. Pete suggested that the mountain could be the metaphor and also reflect the same thing. Perhaps that is a way forward for me since I really don’t relish the idea of going to fixed classes with folks that are not on the same spiritual quest as me. I suppose what would be missing, though, is the agile use of the body in conjunction with the mind and the spirit.


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