building a soundstage in VR

Hello, good folks. Today I decided to share some behind-the-scenes footage of me building a soundstage in VR/metaverse in preparation for a future podcast series I have planned for early 2023. If you follow me on the bird or the mastodon, you’ll know that I’ve gone all-in on VR and the Metaverse. Those two mediums together are on the cusp of breaking out to displace mobile tech as the premium means of interaction, collaboration, and community.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the trouble with the metaverse at the moment is it isn’t a singular instance. It’s like a multi-metaverse with different players creating their own version of the metaverse. Some the metaverses I hang out in are: AltspaceVR (owned by Microsoft), Engage VR, and Meta Horizon World. I’ve dabbled on VRchat, Rec Room, and Decentraland.

AltspaceVR is my by far my favorite. It’s a very versatile platform. It’s primarily geared up for events, and community gatherings, but you can run seminars and presentations as well as host talk shows and podcasts. It has limited gaming function, but is great for socializing. You can create your own universe full of many different worlds.

I’m starting to spend more time in Horizon Worlds for its media capable in terms of recording videos or streaming live events. It’s easier to record videos of your productions. In addition to the casting and recording function of the Oculus Quest 2 headset, there is an inbuilt camera inside of Horizon world that position how you like and record short videos in both portrait and landscape mode. For this reason, I’ve decided to build a soundstage in Horizon to record a future podcast series I’m planning to launch next year.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage.

My excitement for VR and the metaverse is beginning to border on obsession. It’s a good thing the Quest 2 has a battery life of only about 2 hours, otherwise I’d be in danger of overdosing on the virtual world.

If you’re VR and metaverse enthusiast, which platforms to you use and why? Also, I’d love to connect with you VR.

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