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They are there, protecting our meanderings. You don’t fear hunger, in such places, neither fear poverty of the spirit. Close, again, to water and stone, near the symbols of ancient European unity and Arab History, I can dismiss the present as a passage. The trouble, though, is that I don’t know where I come from, and even less, where I’m heading for.

Etel Adnan

I have been an intellectual wanderer for most of my life. Sometimes the wandering makes me feel lost. I should have a home, someplace to settle down. It feels like the “place” is somewhere out there, but because I’ve been away for so long, I’ve forgotten where it is. I wonder if this feeling has something to do with being an immigrant. I’m an American who hasn’t visited his homeland in 17 years! Maybe what I’m feeling is New Jersey beckoning me to come home. I’m not the sentimental type. And besides, I’ve always prided myself on being a citizen of the world, with home being where I lay my hat.

But Perhaps I can take refuge in J.R.R. Tolkien’s words and embrace that idea: “Not all those who wander are lost.

My propensity to wander is probably why I have always felt that blogging is the right medium for me. With my blog, I have the freedom to roam. To echo my friend @darrenkeith3 words, social media, specifically microblogging, has made me lazy when it comes to long-form blogging, which is funny for me to say considering I’ve been an advocate of microblogging for at least the last couple of years. I convinced myself that social media is good for my personality, which is fuelled by shiny objects and new ideas. I’m like a magpie, easily distracted. Social tech apps like Twitter and Instagram allow me to fire off a singular thought and then move on. I don’t have to stick around and create a sustained narrative across many supporting paragraphs or paint super detailed word pictures. I can fire off 240 characters and forget.

But i think with all of the turmoil going on with social media platforms, I think I’m going to follow @darrenkeith3 message and get back to the blog where I have total control and freedom.

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It’s officially Christmas season. Why so? Because the new John Lewis Christmas video is out.

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