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Putin has begun training high school students for war. You know you’re in the shit when you have to start training 15- and 16-year-old boys how to fire an assault rifle and dress a field wound. This, he hopes, will put fear into the people at home and convince them that Russia really is under serious threat from the West. Of course he also wants to fix the problem he’s having with recruits showing up to the frontlines without enough training. He needs the numbers. And he figures this way, he can shave some time off of basic training and get these kids to the frontlines as soon as possible. Because, after all, Russia is under threat. Or is it? Or is the threat something Putin has cooked up in his own mind.

Sources say:

“The Kremlin is operating in a truth vacuum and trying to con citizens into believing Russia’s war against Ukraine and possibly against the west eventually is a righteous defence against a threat.

This smells like desperation to me, which I think makes Putin even more dangerous. Desperate men will do desperate things to get their own way. I’m half tempting to climb onto the loft and break out my old combat gear just in case the world does go to hell in bucket. I know one thing though, I won’t be enjoying the ride.

Kyle Pope took Gwen Ifill‘s “missing white woman syndrome” and turned it into a website called areyoupressworthy.com. With some basic demographic information, you can find out if anyone would care if you went missing. Well, damn! It looks like I’m only worth 6 news stories!

A maximum of 10.3% of Americans would hear about me. I might be able to bump the percentage up if the five of you who read this blog notice I’ve been gone for a while. Of course, if I dropped my age to 22 and became a white female living in Nevada, then 92.4% of Americans would hear about me, and I’d stand a better chance of being found. The whole point of this exercise is to make the bias in press coverage visible. How press worthy are you?

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