Who’s watching you now?

Sometimes we hold ourselves back out of fear of who might be watching us and how they’ll judge us based on what they see. We fear the judging eyes.

To free yourself from this judgment, and therefore self-consciousness, try playing with these questions to identify the invisible eye that you imagine is watching and judging your every action all of the time. Remember that which you are aware of you can control; that which you are unaware of controls you.

  • When were you first aware of being watched?
  • Who is watching you now?
  • For what imagined audience do you perform? Dress? Work? Create? Make love?
  • What look is most often in the eyes of your watchers? Do your actions please them or do they disapprove? Of what are you proud or ashamed of when you imagine that X is watching you?
  • When you are most self-conscious and self-critical, what ideal are you chasing?
  • If you weren’t busy watching yourself, what would you do?

By working through these questions you can open up your life to greater spontaneity and freedom.

Adopted from – Your Mythic Journey

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell


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