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Dopamine tastes good

“I wish the real world would stop hassling me.”Matchbox Twenty

Ok, here’s goes the start of my 30-day blogging challenge.

Why? For no reason other than wanting to start daily blogging again. I miss it as a platform for keeping up with myself. Like the old days. Plus I was inspired by Seth godin’s post yesterday. He blogs every day and he’s always recommending that people should blog every day for their own sanity if nothing else. Yesterday he gave a shout out to 5 bloggers he reads every day who have just posted their 1000th blog post.

I use to blog a lot – my soulcruzer blog has 1,020 posts. And I have several other blogs out there in various states of disarray – radio warwickshire, havana cafe sessions, wayseeking, and a tumblr blog. There are long gaps to be sure. But I keep coming back to blogging. Then I disappear again, distracted like everybody else in an endless sea of scrolling newsfeeds. You know the culprits – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn – to name a few.

It’s laziness on my part, plus FOMO, and being a hapless praise seeking monkey. Dopamine tastes good.

Add on top of that, nobody reads blogs anymore.

No matter! I’m going to drive on anyway – at least for 30 days on this site.

I’m calling it my learning blog, partly because I’m trying to map out my brain and partly because I want a place to rap about my passion for learning and technology. I’ll leave the poetry and drawing stuff to my soulcruzer blog and the spiritual stuff to my wayseeking blog and the stuff that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, I’ll dump on my Tumblr (which I think is still a pretty good platform, although forgotten or abandoned by the mainstream).

Oh and just a side note:

Spotify has me pegged this week. Just about every song on the Discovery playlist is striking a chord with the inner workings of my mind right now.

Sometimes algorithms do get it right.

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