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The Barefoot Doctor has a new book out called Pure. I like Barefoot’s style and humorous take on theTao and the Taoist philosophy of Wei Wu.Even though I am a fan of the Barefoot Doctor, I have to admit that this volume doesn’t offer any new ideas. For the most part it reads like a repackaged version of the same ideas he puts forth in his previous books. He unifies this book around the theme of being your ‘pure’ self, not in the unspoiled virgin sense, but in being your ‘authentic’ self, which, of course, is not a new concept.

I do like the design of the book, the all white cover with a big bold ‘Pure” across the front. It has the look and feel of a book that is about to impart some ancient wisdom, which if you haven’t read any of Barefoot’s other books, it does. I did find Pure harder to read than Urban Warrior and the Handbook for Heroes. It seemed to be more heavy-handed and preachy as opposed to the wayward style of Urban and Hero. If you haven’t read either of those volumes, I’d suggest you read them first before venturing into Pure.


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