dingy cafes

And so I find myself sitting in a dingy café that lured me in with the offer of free Internet access.  Only the access is not really free.  You have to buy their coffee, of course.  But also the only ‘free’ Internet access is their website!  I could have just as well stayed in my hotel room had I known such was the case.  And to top it all off, it’s been 20 minutes and I still don’t have my cup of coffee yet.

It’s a Monday evening.  I’ve been up since 4 am.  I flew up to Scotland on the red eye and went straight into work with my client until 17.30.  Egats man! I’m tired, but I feel obligated to get some words on the page and post on the blog.

This whole writer’s journey thing has been a crazy up and down ride.  Every time I think I have it sussed, I get side tracked by something else.  And then I get back on the Path after a sabbatical of how ever long.  Only to notice that more time has passed.

But I recon, I am reaching the perfect age to start reflecting on and sharing my experiences over the last 39 years.

My areas of passion are philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and religion and being a fallible human being.  More specifically, how these disciplines and fallibility help us to understand ourselves in order that we can fully realise our potential.

I am an everyday man.  A scholar I am not.  So I don’t see myself approaching these topics from an academic perspective.  I see myself approaching them as a naked philosopher and poet trying to make sense of the world I live in.

I don’t know where this is going to lead me.  But at this point, I think it is irrelevant.  What matters is I want to pursue an idea – a dream – I have long harboured for many years.

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