writer’s journey

During my Saturday morning surfing, I came upon these three sites:




These sites have really got me thinking about my dreams.  I have tended to do one thing to the next without much connection between any two points. I have an idle dream of being a writer, but have struggled with finding my writer self over the many long years.

What these websites reminded of is that you have to PURSUE your dreams, not sit idle and WISH your dreams to come true.


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  1. Beaman November 27, 2007 at 1:26 am

    Hello Clay,

    I noticed your writing dream and realised you will probably like a website I joined a couple weeks ago where you can write articles, which are rated in a peer system. I’ve been rather hooked on it. It’s called Helium and I have a link and post to it on my blog, a little way down. You get paid for good articles and there is a marketplace.

    Quite a few people have been hired by publishers and businesses from working on this site, who check it often.

    It can become addictive though as I’ve found out.

    Beaman 🙂