June 2007

June 28, 2007

all the paths I could travel

All the paths I could Travel are pointing me In 360 directions Which path I choose Is hard for me To imagine. If I move in one direction The circle collapses and My path becomes fixed I can’t help but wonder What would happen if I chose another path Where...

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June 25, 2007

airport blues

Flybe are consistent at one thing…being late.  This airline has a serious problem. I have been flying to and from Edinburgh for the past 6 weeks.  All 12 flights have been late.  And I’m not talking a 10 or 20 minutes.  They have been up to 3 hours late, like...

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June 23, 2007

when ravens cry

You are a raven Against a blank sky The earth hides her colours From you while you hide Your true Self from her Your soul sighs behind a Prison of your own making Pacing back and forth In your tired eyes A prisoner, wrongly imprisoned Crying out for freedom Your...

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June 19, 2007

peace festival

The Peace Festival in Leamington Spa was another great success. This year I wrote and performed a poem as part of the the Holy Wells Procession fringe event which took place on Sunday. The procession featured appearances by local artists, musicians, poets, storytellers, and dancers. The focal point of the...

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June 14, 2007

pieces of eight

The lady with the best pair of legs you can imagine, Just a Girl in short shorts, has tagged me with the pieces of eight meme. It’s been a while since I’ve done a meme, so I thought I’d give this one a go. Rules: Each person posts the rules...

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June 12, 2007

action is character

Action is character wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Syd Field expanded the idea to “what a person does is what he is, not what he says.”  Now that was written in the context of creating characters for screenplays, but as I digested the statement, I thought how would that apply to...

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June 6, 2007

people want to put me

In a box Constrain the four corners Of who I am What they can’t understand Is I don’t fit In a box But that doesn’t stop Other people trying Every which way the can To stuff me In a box I’d rather ride the waves Of infinite possibilities Exploring more...

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June 2, 2007

state of affairs

I overheard a conversation yesterday.  A lady, must have been in her mid thirties, was filling out an application for a service.  The agent asked her marital status. “I’m single,” says the lady. “Ok no problem,” replies the agent. The agent, about to proceed to the next question, is interrupted...

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