state of affairs

I overheard a conversation yesterday.  A lady, must have been in her mid thirties, was filling out an application for a service.  The agent asked her marital status.

“I’m single,” says the lady.

“Ok no problem,” replies the agent.

The agent, about to proceed to the next question, is interrupted by the lady.

“Well (slow pause) I’m divorced like everybody else,” she says.

Ok, aside from the state of affairs of marriage, I’m left wondering, why on an application does the category divorced appear anyway.  Surely if you’re divorced it means you’re single.  So why the two boxes?

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gautami June 3, 2007

In india, the forms only have two options..single/married.

Maybe they haven’t arrived…?!

Clay Lowe June 3, 2007

Hi Guatami,

Perhaps that’s it…we haven’t arrived yet.


Anndi June 10, 2007

Interesting question… I remember thinking that once.

Missed you.

Hugs and kisses

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