At the Mercy

I was at the mercy of technology today. I had my whole day planned before going into work and then wouldn’t you know it, my user ID was blocked and I couldn’t log on to the network. Thus I was out of action PC-wise until after lunch. And of course, most of what I had planned to do was dependent on me being on my desktop PC. Luckily I had my laptop and could do some unplanned work.

I bought a book on Adobe After Effects from Borders. I want to use After Effects in the post production phase of the new rockamentary I’m working on. After Effects is apparently one the industry’s standard work horses so I thought i’d learn it.

On the adventure race front, I have my first recruit for the team. Laura has confirmed that she wants to be a part of the rebirth of Team Taranis. I still need 2 other members, so if there are readers out there who are interested in Adventure Racing, let me know. The race we are training for is set for 24 – 25 April with Ace Races. The race is over 2 days and has 5 legs – xcross cycle, mountain bike, night navigation, canoeing, and trail run. The race will be in South Wales. Please let me know asap if you are interested. You don’t need to be super fit…just have a good attitude and be willing to give your best and be a team player.

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