Blog · February 25, 2004 0


My mind is racing, but my body is tired. I’m a firm believer in planting nuggets of information in my subconscious mind and letting the info percolate. The subconsious mind always finds and answer and usually the answer comes to you when you least expect it…like today, I was sitting at my PC at work. It was nearing quiting time, when suddenly the idea floodgates just broke and ideas started flowing out.

So my mind is racing now from excitment and trying to get the ideas down on paper.

My body is tired becomes I ran 5 miles today, which I haven’t done for a couple of months. Since my last race, I have only been doing short 2 – 3 mile maintenance runs. But now that I have a new adventure race looming before me, I have ramped up my training. I like this feeling….the feeling of having physically exerted myself to a limit. It’s a feeling of ecstacy…a high…relief…relaxation…all rolled into one.

Anyway I sense that I am going to run completely out of steam early tonight, so I better get gone because I have a lot of things to still do before the lights go out.

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