connecting and planning

This is going to be a short post today. It is Sunday, after all. And Sundays were made for chilling. We had family over for most of the day. My belly is about to burst from all the food we ate for Sunday lunch:

Everyone has left now. The house is once again quiet. I’m enjoying the silence. It’s that time on a Sunday evening when I turn my thoughts to the week ahead.

Tomorrow I’m delivery an important workshop on equity, diversity and inclusion to group of elected council members. The rest of the week will mainly be consumed with podcasting. I’ve recently taking on a new podcasting client helping them get their podcast up and running.

For the first series, I’m acting in the capacity as host and editor. It’s an interesting podcast. It’s called Voices of Resilience. It’s an interview style podcast where each episode, I interview a refugee, or displaced person about their story. The first two interviewees were from Syria. Both with very different experiences and reasons for leaving their home country. I have five more interviews to do this week.

Also this week, I have a meeting with a couple of potential partners in VR/Metaverse project we want collab and launch. The project is in its very early stages, so I don’t have a whole lot I can share about it yet.

And can you believe it? By the end of this week, we will be in December! 2023 is looming just around the corner. I was thinking today that it’s time for me to wind down 2022 and start thinking ahead to 2023 and what I want to accomplish next year.

It’s time for a new adventure. Time to start a new chapter in the Book of Clay. I’m not exactly sure what the plan is, but it involves VR and the Metaverse. After this week, I plan to shift all of my focus on clarifying my intentions and getting a solid plan in place so I can hit the ground running come 2023.


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