This is what I miss about the old Internet, individual flare, and creativity, like this ASCII comic from Michelle. You have to duck and dodge the algorithms and echo chambers if you want to find good stuff like this.

Jade Town

I found this on Neocities. If you haven’t heard of Neocities, it’s a social network on a mission to bring back the lost individual creativity of the web. So far they have about 497, 700 websites in the network. You do have to know your way around HTML. They do include an in-browser HTML editor to help you build your site.

in-browser HTML editor

You can be as wacky or as normal as you like. You can sign up for free, which gets you 1GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth. If you want to go all in and be a supporter, it’ll cost you $5 a month, and you get 50 GB of storage and 3000 GB of bandwidth. Plus no file upload restrictions, multiple site creation, and custom domain support.

It’s a bit geeky but fun. And if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to code, a Neocities webpage is a great place to practice and build your unique piece of the web.

I’ll post a link to my Neocities account once I get my page looking presentable.

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