I’ve been in the lab again

Check it out! I’m excited!

I’ve been in the lab again cooking up some new goodness for you.

As you know, I really dig on audio as a format for self-expression. I love doing audio posts like these. Plus there’s the Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast that I co-host with Sarah Hunt. And more recently, I’ve been making audiograms like these:

And now…

drum roll, please…

I bring you the Coach’s Notes audio experience. I won’t go into too much detail here, because, well you can listen to what I have to say about it in the first episode, which is all about the what and the why of the Coach’s Notes podcast.

So without further delay, here’s episode number 1:

Let me know what you think. Oh yeah, I mention my eAcademy in this episode and said I’d provide a link.

Oh, and one more thing, you can subscribe to the podcast via RSS feed to your favorite podcast listener. You can’t subscribe via iTunes yet because I’m just on episode one. It’ll probably take about a week or so before the podcast is available in iTunes. Of course, you can subscribe to my newsletter and get notified that way too.

Ok, bye for now my friends,


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