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Be messy

Chad Dickerson’s words bare repeating:

Maybe if we all gave each other the space to be complex people — not reduced to public perception, our professional bios, our LinkedIn profiles, others’ narratives of who we are — we might understand each other better and give ourselves the room to be messy but wondrous human beings

This is the first thing I read this morning and it has set the tone for the day. The things is, I spend a lot of time fighting with myself inside. On one side of the divide, I’m trying to limit myself online, to niche as as they say, because the logic goes: you’ll attract a larger audience, the narrower you go.

On the other side of the line is me, the renaissance man, the jack of all trades, the curious George into everything.

I hate the idea of putting myself in a narrowly defined boxed.

I like things to be messy.

I feel as human beings we have the capacity to be many things all at the same time and that we don’t need to be small, we can be big and expansive into anything and everything, exploring our curiosity.

We don’t have to be like insects and be specialists. We should indeed celebrate our infinite capacity to be many things.


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