Sometimes a fantasy

I found myself caught up in this debate on Reddit: AITA for taking husband’s sex doll to the trash?

In this instance, I think the lady was definitely wrong. By her own admission, she knew he had the doll while they were dating and that he used it frequently. She married him knowing he had and used the doll (not as frequently after marriage). She has her own sex toys (but doesn’t like his because it has a face).

This week she snapped and while her husband was at work she took it to the town dump and threw it away. Just to add some context to this, the type of sex doll (NSFW link) in question has a starting price of $6,000.

I have to say, I side with the dude in this instance (and not because he’s a dud) but because the lady knew he had it. Married him knowing he had it (and didn’t make any conditional demands that he get rid of it). Has and uses her own sex toys. And threw away an expensive piece of equipment without her husband’s consent.

What fascinates me about this thread is the psychological strain I image the woman must be under. On some level, I image she must feel like she’s competing with a doll over her husband’s affection/attention. And the unasked question ringing in her head probably is “why is he having sex with a doll, when he could be having sex with me? Am I that inadequate?”

Aside from her throwing this thing away, I think they have some deeper issues to address between the two of them.

Anyway, read the thread and tell me what you think?

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