Dispatches · August 12, 2010 0

a day for signs and omens…

When I kissed Ruth goodbye this morning, the position she was laying in reminded me of the the Hanged Man in the Tarot Major Arcana.  I had one of those moments of “hmmm, I better follow this intuition,”  so I snatched the mini tarot book from my bedroom book shelf.  I wanted to know what the significance of the Hanged Man might be.  Wisdom, circumspection, discernment, trials, intuition, divination, and prophecy are the words associated with this card.  The words that resonated with me out of that list initially was wisdom, but then as I started writing this sentence, intuition came into the frame and then I remember an email my sister sent me earlier this week that said the pastor at my mom’s memorial service told her something that a prophet had told her about my mom.  My sister didn’t explain it in the email.  She told me she would need to talk to me in person about it.

Being in this space I decided to shuffle the tarot deck and do a simple past, present, future spread.  The cards turned out were: The Wheel of Fortune in the past position, Judgement in the present position, and The Fool in the future position.  What I took from that reading was destiny, change of position/renewal and folly/intoxication with life.

I feel like I need to give birth to something.

Perhaps today is a day to pay attention to signs and omens…