I’ve been in hermit mode for a week

I’ve been in hermit mode for a week, venturing out of my cave only for the essentials – food, water, and the gym. This time around in the cave, I’ve been studying the nature of power. I’ve spent time with Machiavelli and his famous analysis of statesmanship and power, The Prince. I’ve spent time with Robert Greene and his books The 48 Laws Of Power
and The 50th Law. I’ve also spent time analyzing power at play in current events such as the Afghanistan question, U.S. Presidential politics, the Tory maneuverings as they get set to assume the power position in Britain, and something closer to home – how a few clever people are maneuvering to raise income tax and take away child benefits among other things from the middle class (middle class in their estimation being someone who earns £15, 000 or more). I say clever, but maybe I should say devious instead because the bill is being introduced in such a way as to create a dilemma. The argument goes: the UK Government is broke. If we don’t raise this money, then you will start to see schools without electricity, medical services reduced etc. In my mind I’m thinking, the banks still owe us billions of pounds, yet they are paying out billions in bonuses. Why not have the banks put this bonus money into the public coffers? The banks seemed happy enough for the public to bail them out of financial difficulty. Why not repay the favor? In fact, they still OWE us money. So WTF?

In other news, I’ve written a treatment for a screenplay to which I am seeking funding for through the film council. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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