they call him the seeker

I know this guy who is wandering lost in the modern world.  He has desires.  He has dreams but his dreams fall victim to the noise of every day life, drowned out in the din.  I’m trying to find my way through to  his-story.  I think it is a search for identity story, a love story, a story of redemption and absolution.

He has spent many years wandering in the desert chasing one mirage after another.  He is tired of chasing mirages.  He wants something real to hold on to in this world. He can’t wait for the afterlife to claim his prize. They call him a seeker.  The Who wrote a song about him. Most of the time he has no idea what he is searching for.  Is it peace?  Happiness?  Love? Purpose? Meaning?  The subject changes as often as he changes his underwear.  And he has been known to change underwear at least twice a day.

I’m not sure if he will ever find what he is looking for.  How sad to have to search for something and never find it.

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