walk for water II

Thanks everyone for taking part in the walk for water, and especially well done to Lucy & Brittany for carrying a bucket of water on your heads for 2 miles.

Between us we have raised approximately £40 (possibly a bit more), so that’s great news.  Here’s what that money can buy:

£9 could train a villager in Ethiopia to maintain the local well or borehole
£15 could provide a family of five in Mozambique with access to a borehole
£30 could provide a community in Niger with purpose-built latrine (a loo!)
£40 could provide a family in Liberia with a BioSand Water Filter

I’m sure the money will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for everyone who participated.

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Anndi April 6, 2009

My daughter and I gathered up some funds as well during World Water Week recently and donated to Unicef.
This can be resolved if we all contribute a little. We have the technology. We need to show the will and compassion to accomplish it.

Well done, my friend.

Hugs xo


Clay Lowe April 7, 2009

awesome… and well done to you and your daughter

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