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how do you get to know a city?

I’m in Newcastle for the next couple of days. This is my first visit. I’m not quite sure what to make of the place yet. It’s been less than a day so I’ll reserve my opinion until later.

How do you get to know a city?

Hold that question because I didn’t get a chance to answer it before I got distracted with this question: how do you develop a champion mindset?

Well according to an article in Think Big, potency of desire is one. Apparently high achievers know what they want and have a deep desire to achieve it. They have a ‘do or die’ attitude toward their goals.

High achievers also have a clear vision that they will succeed no matter what. More often than not, they can even see the steps they need to take that will lead them to their success.

A third characteristic of a champion mindset is comfort with taking high risks. High achievers have the courage to take on tasks that are beyond their skill level. They the capacity to believe in their ideas without proof, and they have no doubt they can accomplish what they set their minds too.

Your mindset shapes you belief and your beliefs determine your destiny


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