May 2006

May 13, 2006


I drove down to Bristol early Friday morning and caught the X62 into town from Downend. I picked up a new contract which has me working in Bristol over the next week. The X62 dropped me off at the top of Park Street. From there I found my way up...

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May 11, 2006

how hungry are you?

I arrived at the Holiday Inn in Stoke-on-Trent just off of the M6 at junction 15. The roadworks on the M6 were a bitch in a couple of places, but even crawling at 10 mile an hour for a period of time, I still made in the 1.5 hours C0Pilot...

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May 8, 2006


the revolution begins rain is pouring down my cheek searching for the sea tomorrow like the rain i’ll be back home again – alice cooper yes, it is raining today. not a bad thing, except if you were wanting to lie around on the beach, which i am not, so...

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May 5, 2006

return of the king

These last few weeks have been how I imagine my life to be – full of wonder and mystery, travel, and writing. This morning was a perfect example. I was up at 0530 and wrote for 2 hours. I went to the gym and worked out. And then afterwards went...

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May 2, 2006

re-launch old project

I’ve decided I really need to get hot on some publishable material that supports my philosophy on personal development. I’ve brushed the dust off of the outline I did a while ago. I have re-launched that project with a strict schedule. I am also working on a set of audio...

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May 1, 2006

the best and the brightest

Pete and I spent last week in Posnan, Poland at the Negotiation Days III Conference. We were invited there to deliver workshops on Alpha Leadership, Effective Teambuilding, Influencing Skills, and Coaching. In total, some 80 students attended our workshops. The Negotiation Days III Conference is a conference organised for students...

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