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Love’s Rebuttal

Love’s Rebuttal

I walk among the rocks
And broken glass in bare feet

A rat scuttles across the street.

I thought love was to blame
For all the things said and done;
I hid myself I shame.

Through the window pane
Of the Watchmaker’s shop;
I see my reflection;
I have not slept for days.

Eyes that were once bright
And full of promise;
Stare back in defeat

Selfishness and pride did this;
But love got the blame.

I walk through a doorway which
Has no door any more;
On the inside hangs a mirror
And I see my reflection clearly

I see eyes; they are not my eyes,
But there’s no one else here
I see beauty and truth reflected in them;
And the eyes burn bright with intensity

I hear a faint whisper
In my ear; a light touch
On my face.

I am true love
Generosity and forgiveness
are my gifts and I give them
to you freely.

Sorrow does not last forever,
If you surrender yourself to love.

– Clay Lowe


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