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I had the most incredible day yesterday as I climbed Snowdon leading another group of folks up the gentle peak. I felt so much back in my element…smiling, happy, full of energy and joy. I ran, I climbed, I sang, I talked of things. “You’re on fire today,” said jenny. “Next time we’ll have to make sure not to give you any coffee before we start,” said Pete. “I know what it is, you been in town to long,” said Pete. “It’s ok that you’re fit, but do you have to be so damn happy,” said Phil. Everyone was feeling my excitement, my love for being out there doing what I was doing.

I looked around me at the bottom of the Miner’s track, and thought, you know what this is my office. I’m actually at work right now amongst these hills and valleys – my great big office. It’s a hell of a walk to get a coffee though (referring to the café on the top of Snowdon).

What elements made this so great for me? It’s not just that I was back in the mountains. It also was the fact of being around people – leading them, inspiring them to walk on. I started the walk way out in front, and while that was nice, I wasn’t interacting with anyone. Once we got on the ridge though, I decided to stay with the group, just front and pausing to give them encouragement, sing up ahead so they could hear my voice and be guided by it as they fought the pull of gravity

For the first time in a long time I didn’t have anything to ask the mountain, or to contemplate in heavy silence, this time it was just about pure joy – the pure joy of being.


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